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Stanley M. Evans, a native New Yorker, graduated from Brooklyn Public Trade School, District 258. He was drafted by the United States Army in 1965, and ended his duty in 1967 when he became a member on the International recording group, "The Four Kents," for RCA Italiano. From 1967 to 1975 Mr. Evans returned home to Brooklyn where he managed and produced "Stanley Evans and The Qualifieds." After a fascinating career, Stanley Evans moved to South Carolina and founded Gospel Plus Recording Studio, which is still in operation today. Mr. Evans had recorded such melodious voices as Peggy Kelly Pruitt, Focus, The Southern Echoes, Larry McCullough and The Chosen Generation, and many more

Larry Taylor, a native of Willamston, SC entered into the musical world at an early age singing with his family. The Taylor Family. Upon reaching Junior High School his interest was drawn to playing more than singing, so he took up trumpet and later the French horn. At age 16, it was club bands and from there the US Army where after a tour in Vietnam he played French horn in the military band. After service, he traveled on the road with several top-notch bands. While on the road, he learned other instruments including bass and piano. After accepting Christ in his life, his interest was again re-directed this time to the field of sound engineering. With the musical background along with much theory and technical studies, he has become the chief engineer and resident musician with Gospel Plus Studio.

Mackie 24x8x2 8 Bus Mixing Console(3) Alesis ADAT Digital Recorders
Zoom RFX 2000 Digital Reverb & Multi-effectsAlesis Quadraverb
Alesis Midiverb IIIDigitech DSP 128 Multi-effects
Ibanez DM 2000 Digital DelayAphex Aural Exciter Type B
Aphex 4ch Easy Rider Compressor Mod 106Alesis 3630 Compressor
Carvin Patch Bay PB 32ART Pro VLA Tube leveling Amp
BBE-862 Sonic Maximizer(2) Rolls 6ch Headphone Amp RA 62
DBX Project 1 Parametric EQ 242DBX Project 1 Microphone Processor 286
HUSH Systems 1cx Noise Reduction SystemAlesis Masterlink Mastering Unit/CD Burner
Philips CD Burner(2) Optimus Cassette Recorders
(2) Alesis Monitor 1 Studio SpeakersPevey HKS 8 Studio Power Monitor
ESC Power Amp 1200Mediaform CD 4300 CD Duplicator
Computer Graphics SoftwareSuper CM H8B Microphone
Stedman MOD #N90 Studio MicrophoneShure SM58, SM57, Beta 52 Microphones
Wave Mastering SoftwareYahama Motif Keyboard
AKG D 190EBeyer Dynamic M69 N(c)
Alesis ADAT HD24 Harddisc Recorder
Digimax FS 8 channel Class A Mic/Pre Amp
M-Audio Profire Lightbridge FireWire Interface
Cubase Studio 4 Software
Audio-Techica-AT 2020 and Apex 430 Microphones

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